Our Mission

I stated it once on the home page, and I will state it here now. Our mission is to use alternative streams of revenue for music downloads to combat the problem of internet privacy while simultaneously providing a platform for indie musicians to grow their fanbase.


This  dream started around the time of the SOPA debates. It is true that artists are not adequately compensated for their hard work. The "solution" was supposed to lie in harsher enforcement of copyright. I looked in, however, and thought that it would be a potential opportunity for the music industry to innovate and it was an opportunity to learn to get by with less or no aid from the law. We have this great opportunity to design a more sustainable model for music delivery. We should not squander it.

A bit more about the dream

The mission above is a dream. However, without action, it is only a dream. The purpose of this site then, is a way to put the concrete the dream and to share this dream. What this site serves as is a front to reach out to those who believe it goes towards a good cause. Most of us know people who are talented musicians and who play in bands. In fact, some of us might even just be part of a band ourselves. Music is both fun and it moves us emotionally and in spirit. It is no surprise that there exists an abundance of musicians out there. However, life is not always easy for the indie musicians, and they suffer from a dilemma. They need to make money to at least pay for the cost of living. However, in order to make money, they need fans. They usually must give out free music for a period of time to get fans. This then contradicts their original goal of getting money.

How we go about helping indie musicians

By exploring alternative means of revenue, we can compensate musicians justly for their music, even if they are giving it away for free. I am sure that this is just touching the tip of the iceberg in terms of ways to make life easier to the indie musician. I am open to suggestion, and I would love to spend time talking to any passerby about other potential services. I do believe, however, that it is essential to get a prototype up and running of at least the free music download service.

 Where we go from here

I created this site, like I said as a front to reach out. If you are a musician who are visiting this site, I would encourage you to send us an email  with suggestions, or critiques. I welcome all feedback. I also invite you to think of this as a cause that you support. You can get actively engaged by sending me an email. I do not just want to create a service that I think is cutting edge in music distribution, I want to create a conversation about just where the music industry can go. Just dropping a hi would be great, and I encourage you to so.  With all of your help, we can get a much bigger picture of what the market for music is like, and then, we march forward, with great gusto, ready to revolutionize the music industry into something better.

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