Welcome to the Music Revolution!

This is a makeshift website for a grander Project

Right now, I know that this is not much, but with your support, it can become more. By just going to listen to some songs here, you are casting your "vote" for what this website stands for. So what does this website stand for?

Let's start with a few statistics:

Each day, there are 230 million illegal music downloads.

That is 95% of all music downloads in the world

If each download drove only 7 cents of revenue, but nobody used illegal means, then the artists would get as much money for their hard work. It is quite possible to get far more than 7 cents per download.

The current trend in massively illegal downloads hurts indie musicians the most. Furthermore life is just generally hard for musicians only just beginning. My vision, then, is a website that can simultaneously adress the illegal downloads issue and help out indie musicians as well.


Final note: If you are interested at all, please do go to the contact page and shoot me a message. If you are an artist, or somebody who expresses any interest in working with us, I ask you even more strongly to contact me. Thanks.

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